IVAND Company with its expert staff is the first producer of Mini (moist) figs in Iran and has a long time experience in the field of dried fruits and packaging of various products such as figs, dates and other variety of dried fruits.
IVAND Company has the capability to produce dried figs, Mini figs, figs paste, best Iranian dates and other variety of dried fruits in cellophane and shrink packages of different sizes, weights and bulk.
IVAND Company also can supply dried fruit such as dried ring apple, dried peaches, and dried kiwi, dried tomato, raisins and Iranian pistachios in best quality.
New products of IVAND Company are medical plants that according to customers request they can be supply.
The products of IVAND Company have been exported to the following countries around the world with IVAND or customers brands Europe: France , Holland , England , Sweden , Russia , Ukraine , Germany , Romania , Austria
Asia: Japan , Persian Golf countries, India , Iraq , Lebanon , Malaysia ,
America : Canada
Africa : Egypt , Kenya , Tanzania